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‘Touch’ group exhibition:
Dairy Arts Center
2590 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80302 /303-440-7826
January 18th-March 3, 2019
Opening reception January 18th 5-8pm
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The Dairy Arts Center kicks off 2019 by breaking down a standard barrier between artwork and viewer –allowing visitors to touch and play with everything in the exhibition. All four galleries are dedicated to paintings, installations and sculptures you can touch, manipulate and interact with.

Angie Eng exhibits two new pieces: Magnetizing Mandala and This is My Land. In Magnetizing Mandala, Eng arranges electronic waste into mandala patterns so that we can contemplate our participation in digital consumption.  Traditionally, these mathematical circular forms were revelations to define and guide us to a higher plane beyond materialism and toward accepting impermanence. Yet, in the electronic age coupled with over-consumption, we are left with permanent traces of our adverse habits.  Her mandalas can not be blown away like the sand mandalas of Tibetan monks. Rather, the visitor can change the mandala patterns by rearranging its magnetic fragments while contemplating their physical impact of construction and destruction on the world.

In This is My Land, Eng explores what it is to be American through multiple poetic perspectives.  The American flag is cut into pieces and framed. Like cubism, the plane is broken up into a quantum lens whereby what is solid and whole is a collapse of fragments of different narratives. She selected twelve renowned American poets of diverse backgrounds to collaborate on this project.  Symbols taken from their poems are painted and embroidered on the flags with conductive paint and thread.  The viewer’s touch on the electronic painting triggers the recitation of a poem to commence.  Eng describes cultural identity as rhizomatic. ‘We come together like fibrous threads experiencing a similar space, time, smell, sound, rhythm. While stems intertwine and strengthen, others thin out and break off. We unconsciously twist around one another reinforcing what we thought was just attributed to one, but belongs to all of us.’ We sense the wheat fields, the cicadas chirping in humid nights, the hum of metropolitan traffic, the struggle for belonging, a relief in the familiar that we share as Americans.

Participating poets: Rick Barot, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Meg Castaldo, Farnoosh Fathi, Ramón Garcia, Sean Hill, Amanda Galvan Huynh,  Kirun Kapur, Ed Pavlic, Evie Shockley, James Thorpe and Monica Youn

Magnetizing Mandala, 2018
ewaste, magnets, steel plate
approximate size 5’ diameter

Special Thanks:

These two aforementioned projects were made possible with the sponsorship from Picture Woods LTD, Green Girl Recycling, Sparkfun Electronics and assistance of the BTU lab, Atlas CU Boulder. Special thanks to Noah Anast, Tanya Eng, Arielle Hein, Bridget Johnson, Jessica Koolman Parker, Leo Latousek, Frank Lucero, Cicada Scott, Michael Theodore, James Thorpe and all the participating poets: Rick Barot, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Meg Castaldo, Farnoosh Fathi, Ramón Garcia, Sean Hill, Amanda Galvan Huynh,  Kirun Kapur, Ed Pavlic, Evi­­e Shockley, James Thorpe and Monica Youn.

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