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Group exhibition:  Extra-Ordinaires #5
Villa Bellevile, Paris
Opening reception: October 4, 2018 4-8pm

Map the metaphysical with geometric patterns in order to reach a heightened state of the subconscious. Cycles, ephemerality, the symbolism of the Buddhist mandala is re-appropriated. Colored sand replaced by the guts of our electronic world. Temporary becomes forever. Although original disappears, an endless cycle of variations persists. Digital life is reduced to fragments of metal and plastic. Blow on it and it definitely does not disperse back into the earth. However, the gesture of arrangement, rearrangement is possible with the viewer’s gaze and input. As an art object, it will not remain for long. The pieces nor patterns not precious; one is allowed to create a version of their electronic waste universe with this magnetized mandala.

Digging for beauty in disgust allows a heightened awareness of our participation into the construction and destruction of our world. It becomes a portal into reflecting on the expanse of our digital consumption.

This project was selected for the 5th annual Extra-Ordinary exhibition in Belleville, Paris. Artist are allowed to freely gather any materials from the second hand store, La Petite Rockette to create an art object. The exhibit emphasizes re-appropriation. Hence the artist expanded upon the concept to include recycling centers whereby she received donations from Sparkfun and Green Girl recycling.


Green Girl Recycling

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