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Currents New Media Festival
June 12-21, 2020
Sante Fe, New Mexico

This Land is Your Land is a Sound poetry painting series on American identity. Click here or more information on this project.

‘In the Mood For Mindfulness’ BAW

Pop up group exhibit for Boulder Arts Week
Curated by Angie Eng
March 27th-April 4th
Shambhala Boulder Center

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[hover over image for close up image]

Group exhibition:  Extra-Ordinaires #5
Villa Bellevile, Paris
This project was selected for the 5th annual Extra-Ordinary exhibition in Belleville, Paris. Artist are allowed to freely gather any materials from the second hand store, La Petite Rockette to create an art object. The exhibit emphasizes re-appropriation. Hence the artist expanded upon the concept to include recycling centers whereby she received donations from Sparkfun and Green Girl recycling.


Green Girl Recycling