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Group Art Exhibition
November 6th -December 4th 2019
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, weekdays 9am to 5pm
Opening: November 6th 6-9pm
1 East 42nd Street, NYC

Human Impact Institute’s annual Creative Climate Awards (CCA). It will be an evening of live performances, mingling with participating artists, and awarding of our 2019 CCA winners.

Performances by:

  • Lynne Schmidt, Wood Chipper/ It’s Only a Small World when You’re Sitting Still
  • Rachel Garber Cole, Questions for a Dinosaur
  • Eliza Bent, This One Time in Nature
  • Cheyenne McKenzie, Free
  • Aine Nakamura, Unnamed Wind

The Human Impacts Institute’s Creative Climate Awards are an annual series of events that showcase artists creating climate-inspired, public works. In an effort to inspire us to think more critically about our actions and their impacts, the Creative Climate Awards program uses the arts and creativity to share knowledge, broaden the climate conversation, educate, and incite action.

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March 15th 7pm
A/V performance inspired by Sacred Geometry
Sean Winters/Angie Eng

Founder’s Hall
Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts
200 East Baseline Rd.
Lafayette, CO 80026

[LEAF] is the Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival. It is a showcase of electronic and new media arts that bridges the classical music and traditional art worlds with contemporary electronic and emerging new media, including sonic and visual components combined in new and novel ways.

[LEAF] is curated and directed by David Fodel.

[LEAF] is a 501(c)3 organization and is supported by grants from Arts Lafayette, the Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission and private donors. [LEAF] is presented by The Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts.

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‘Touch’ group exhibition:
Dairy Arts Center
2590 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80302 /303-440-7826
January 18th-March 3, 2019
Opening reception January 18th 5-8pm
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The Dairy Arts Center kicks off 2019 by breaking down a standard barrier between artwork and viewer –allowing visitors to touch and play with everything in the exhibition. All four galleries are dedicated to paintings, installations and sculptures you can touch, manipulate and interact with.

Angie Eng exhibits two new pieces: Magnetizing Mandala and This is My Land. In Magnetizing Mandala, Eng arranges electronic waste into mandala patterns so that we can contemplate our participation in digital consumption.  Traditionally, these mathematical circular forms were revelations to define and guide us to a higher plane beyond materialism and toward accepting impermanence. Yet, in the electronic age coupled with over-consumption, we are left with permanent traces of our adverse habits.  Her mandalas can not be blown away like the sand mandalas of Tibetan monks. Rather, the visitor can change the mandala patterns by rearranging its magnetic fragments while contemplating their physical impact of construction and destruction on the world.

In This is My Land, Eng explores what it is to be American through multiple poetic perspectives.  The American flag is cut into pieces and framed. Like cubism, the plane is broken up into a quantum lens whereby what is solid and whole is a collapse of fragments of different narratives. She selected twelve renowned American poets of diverse backgrounds to collaborate on this project.  Symbols taken from their poems are painted and embroidered on the flags with conductive paint and thread.  The viewer’s touch on the electronic painting triggers the recitation of a poem to commence.  Eng describes cultural identity as rhizomatic. ‘We come together like fibrous threads experiencing a similar space, time, smell, sound, rhythm. While stems intertwine and strengthen, others thin out and break off. We unconsciously twist around one another reinforcing what we thought was just attributed to one, but belongs to all of us.’ We sense the wheat fields, the cicadas chirping in humid nights, the hum of metropolitan traffic, the struggle for belonging, a relief in the familiar that we share as Americans.

Participating poets: Rick Barot, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Meg Castaldo, Farnoosh Fathi, Ramón Garcia, Sean Hill, Amanda Galvan Huynh,  Kirun Kapur, Ed Pavlic, Evie Shockley, James Thorpe and Monica Youn

Magnetizing Mandala, 2018
ewaste, magnets, steel plate
approximate size 5’ diameter

Special Thanks:

These two aforementioned projects were made possible with the sponsorship from Picture Woods LTD, Green Girl Recycling, Sparkfun Electronics and assistance of the BTU lab, Atlas CU Boulder. Special thanks to Noah Anast, Tanya Eng, Arielle Hein, Bridget Johnson, Jessica Koolman Parker, Leo Latousek, Frank Lucero, Cicada Scott, Michael Theodore, James Thorpe and all the participating poets: Rick Barot, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Meg Castaldo, Farnoosh Fathi, Ramón Garcia, Sean Hill, Amanda Galvan Huynh,  Kirun Kapur, Ed Pavlic, Evi­­e Shockley, James Thorpe and Monica Youn.

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[hover over image for close up image]

[hover over image for close up view]

Group exhibition:  Extra-Ordinaires #5
Villa Bellevile, Paris
Opening reception: October 4, 2018 4-8pm

Map the metaphysical with geometric patterns in order to reach a heightened state of the subconscious. Cycles, ephemerality, the symbolism of the Buddhist mandala is re-appropriated. Colored sand replaced by the guts of our electronic world. Temporary becomes forever. Although original disappears, an endless cycle of variations persists. Digital life is reduced to fragments of metal and plastic. Blow on it and it definitely does not disperse back into the earth. However, the gesture of arrangement, rearrangement is possible with the viewer’s gaze and input. As an art object, it will not remain for long. The pieces nor patterns not precious; one is allowed to create a version of their electronic waste universe with this magnetized mandala.

Digging for beauty in disgust allows a heightened awareness of our participation into the construction and destruction of our world. It becomes a portal into reflecting on the expanse of our digital consumption.

This project was selected for the 5th annual Extra-Ordinary exhibition in Belleville, Paris. Artist are allowed to freely gather any materials from the second hand store, La Petite Rockette to create an art object. The exhibit emphasizes re-appropriation. Hence the artist expanded upon the concept to include recycling centers whereby she received donations from Sparkfun and Green Girl recycling.


Green Girl Recycling

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Power is a Virus
Genie de la Bastille
126 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris
June 12-24 2018

Eng will present 2 projects: ‘The Executives‘ and the  ‘Iconoclashgiftsfeld‘ souvenir shop along with its recorded single channel video of its accompanying performance from March 2018 at Roulette. The Executives are illustrations responding  to the financial crisis of 2008. Headless (mostly)men in suits are posed with visualizations of their cognitive processes in place of their heads as well as composed in positions imitating insects, animals or plants.  The ‘Iconoclashgiftsfeld’ store is an ironic souvenir shop describing how hyperreality in a ultra-capitalist society reduces all experiences, political movements and ideologies into logos printed on souvenir objects. A project that analyzes  globalism, it focuses on how social groups build and destroy visual symbols  to assert their power or alter the landscape to reflect their identity.

‘The Executives” illustration series

merch from the Iconoclashgiftsfeld souvenir shop

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Transmedia evening at Roulette during Asian Art Week, NYC/March 21, 2018 
Documentation of event

Coinciding with the annual Asian Arts Week in New York City, Roulette is co-producing a transmedia event of four performances in one evening. Artists working in music, video, dance and new digital instruments present national premiers including: Iconoclashgiftsfeld or the ambiguity of images in a poison field, ‘Chasers– Yojima versus Per un pugno di dollari /Fistfull of Dollars (dir. Angie Eng), Myogram (dir. Atau Tanaka) and Thicket Specter (dir. Sean Winters). These international performers have been experimenting in video and music with customized digital instruments for decades both in New York City and around the world.

Angie Eng, the event curator and one of the artistic directors presents her videobass band, ‘Chasers’, a trio with Atau Tanaka and Akio Mokuno, who play a cross-cultural study of film remakes. In Iconoclashgiftsfeld, Eng along with Japanese composer and music producer, Hoppy Kamiyama and the Butoh-trained dancer Celeste Hastings, offer an intermedia parody of the global crisis in identity via monument destruction. The performance is also accompanied by an installation of a tourist gift shop highlighting modern iconoclasm.  Colorado-based composer and video artist Sean Winters joins downtown improv darlings, Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori in an abstract audiovisual journey. The international composer and music researcher, Atau Tanaka will present a solo per­formance with ‘Myo’ a bio-electrical music instrument with sensors that capture muscle tension.This will be a rare occasion to have such talent on one evening that highlights the work of performers at the cutting edge of art and technology.